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Permanent Placement / Direct Hire Staffing

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Placing qualified candidates in full-time positions is essential for businesses in today’s competitive landscape. However, talent acquisition isn’t always the easiest endeavor. The Methodical Group introduces an innovative approach to meeting business needs through permanent placement and direct hire staffing services. 

Our method combines a risk-free, 90-day placement guarantee with a data-driven model. We aim to reduce hiring risks, time-to-hire, and turnover by driving your organization’s growth through productive teams.

What Is Permanent Placement?

Permanent placement, also known as perm placement and direct hire staffing, is a type of staffing service where a staffing agency helps companies locate and hire top talent to fill a permanent position. Unlike temporary staffing, where job seekers are employed for a specified duration of time, permanent placement is a long-term recruiting service. The employee will be hired directly by the company.

Permanent placement services entail sourcing and screening potential candidates, conducting interviews, and presenting potential good fits to the company for consideration. The staffing agency may also assist with job offers on behalf of the company and negotiate employee compensation and benefits, such as healthcare, paid time off (PTO), and more.

Who Is Permanent Placement Right For?

Permanent placement by a staffing agency can be an effective recruitment solution for companies that wish to build a long-term team of employees. Candidates sourced through permanent placement services typically are searching for stability and security within their careers.

Direct hire through a staffing agency is an ideal option for companies that need to fill specialized or high-level positions with candidates who must meet strict qualifications. Companies with ongoing hiring needs or who struggle to keep positions filled can also benefit from this recruitment service.

Why Partner With The Methodical Group for Your Permanent Placement Needs?

As a contingent direct hire staffing provider, The Methodical Group aligns its interests with yours to hire positions. Clients only pay for successful placements. This empowers us to provide benefits that set us apart from traditional staffing agencies. 

To make an impact on your organization, we offer the following:

Talent Acquisition
We understand the importance of hiring the right candidate. To ensure that our services provide skilled professionals who are the perfect fit, all candidates undergo thorough screening and assessment. This guarantees precise talent profiles with a genuine understanding of the role and its requirements.

Furthermore, our vetting process goes beyond job-based skills. For a seamless integration, we also emphasize corporate culture when establishing potential candidates for an open full-time position.

Deep Industry Knowledge
Successful permanent placement requires a deep understanding of market trends. Using a data-driven approach, The Methodical Group identifies and vets exact fits for a role. This approach provides clients with better insights to make more informed hiring decisions.

Streamlined Processes
Prolonged interview and onboarding processes can significantly hinder a company. Leveraging our extensive network and optimized selection processes, we reduce your time-to-hire without compromising quality. The timeline to fill a role is quick, resulting in incredible cost-saving opportunities for clients.

Invested Partner
We invest in the long-term success of our clients in providing permanent placement services. We serve as a partner in internal recruiting efforts and take on those tough roles. What’s more, our team takes the time to understand your company’s unique needs and objectives, ensuring our long-term hiring solutions meet your goals.

Our Five-Step Permanent Placement Process 

The Methodical Group is committed to providing candidates that meet clients’ specific needs. To this end, we employ a five-step permanent placement process that involves: 

1. Intake and Onboarding 

Our long-term placement process begins with discussing business needs with the client. With a better sense of the company we’re partnering with, we can target our search to locate the best possible candidates for permanent jobs. 

2. Exact Talent Profiling

After understanding the company’s needs and culture, the personalities within the organization, and the skills necessary for the role, the recruitment process begins. Clients gain access to a pool of highly qualified and talented individuals with years of experience. 

3. Job Description Creation

Thorough job description creation is a critical component of the hiring process which is why we leverage ExactTalent® for a more robust approach to profile development. We utilize team leads to generate job descriptions and posts that accurately outline the available roles and what’s required. Job postings are showcased on popular networking websites, such as LinkedIn and Indeed. 

4. Candidate Matching and Refinement 

To find the ideal candidate for the role, our team searches our robust candidate database and/or recruiter’s database. After, we provide the client with a matrix table highlighting candidates against needed skills, using heat mapping to illustrate fit. We refine the list of potential candidates until the client is satisfied. 

5. Interview and Selection 

As important as the interview component of the hiring process is, it can be tedious and time-consuming, occupying valuable resources for companies. The Methodical Group facilitates and conducts interviews on behalf of the client, using our deep understanding of the company to choose the most appropriate candidates. Our involvement can include extending job offers if the client prefers not to handle it themselves. 

Partner with Our Permanent Placement Staffing Agency  

At the Methodical Group, your businesses’ success is our commitment. We take the time to understand the specific needs of every client to ensure the proper placement of potential candidates. We stand behind our permanent placement services with a 90-day guarantee. If a candidate leaves or fails to meet your company’s expectations within the designated guarantee period, The Methodical Group will continue the search at no additional cost to you. 

Take the first step toward building your in-house team by discussing your staffing needs with our reliable permanent placement staffing agency. Schedule a call today and explore our staffing services

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the process for partnering with your staffing company?

Partnering with us is straightforward. Simply reach out to us with your staffing needs, and we will schedule an initial consultation to understand your requirements. From there, we will outline a customized staffing plan for you.

2. What are your rates and pricing structures?

Our pricing is competitive and varies based on the type of service (staff augmentation or direct placement), the role, and the duration of the contract. Please contact us for a customized quote.

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